Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Judisk humor

Jag hittade ett kul exempel på judisk humor från New York när jag läste en artikel om W.H. Auden. Tydligen var det här ett av hans favorithistorier. Jag antar att den ska framföras med ordentlig Brooklynaccent för att komma helt till sin rätt, men så här lyder den i alla fall:

A man from the Upper West Side goes to his psychiatrist. The doctor listens and tells him he is depressed and hostile. The doctor suggests a hobby or a pet, something to bring him out of it. The man says he lives in a small apartment; it would be difficult. The doctor says even a small pet would do. After several weeks, the doctor noted improvement, and asked if the man had bought a pet. "Yes," the man said. "What kind?" "Bees," he replied. "Bees?" the doctor said, puzzled. "I thought you said you had a small apartment. Where do you keep them?" "In a cigar box," said the patient. "But how do they breathe?" the doctor asked.

"How do they breathe?" said the patient. "Fuck 'em."

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